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Nursing Homes vs Senior Living: What’s the Difference?

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Group of seniors relaxing and socializing in a comfortable shared lounge in their assisted living community

When taking a new step in your journey towards a comfortable, welcoming senior living experience, there’s a lot of information to consider. We know that there are plenty of benefits to senior living communities. Still, it can be tricky to keep some of the terms used in order. Read on to clear up the differences between a nursing home and senior living.

What is a Nursing Home?

“Nursing home” is a term that was once used to describe any senior living community. However, language evolves, and the terms used in senior living are no exception to that.

Not every type of senior living community is staffed strictly by nurses. “Nursing home” is just too narrow a way to describe all the opportunities offered by a senior living community. The care provided with senior living aims to ensure comfort and fulfillment for all community members. 

What people often think when they hear “nursing home” is actually closer to an assisted living community. Some senior living styles fall into a category that is more aligned with the term “nursing home,” but they’re often referred to as skilled nursing or convalescent homes.

Most assisted living communities offer housekeeping, recreational and social activities, and maintenance. The assistance in assisted living really covers a wide range of conveniences and supports! 

Types of Senior Living

Independent Living

Independent living offers the opportunity to thrive in a community of your peers. It helps provide a carefree lifestyle where maintenance tasks are covered so you can focus on fulfillment and relaxation.

Assisted Living

Assisted living is the style of senior living many people associate with the term nursing home. Assisted living provides the independence and privacy of your own well-appointed apartment and the social benefits of a friendly community. 

The services provided in assisted living are flexible and can change to accommodate your needs. We make sure the care you receive is catered specifically to you.

Memory Care

Memory care provides dedicated assistance to those with memory issues or who need special care. The round-the-clock nursing staff ensures safety and routine so resident’s lives can remain as stress-free and enjoyable as possible.

Skilled nursing

Skilled nursing is the best fit for those who need 24-hour medical attention and highly specialized care. It’s sometimes used as a stop between a hospital stay and returning home.

Is Assisted Living Your Best Fit?

Across America, there are more than 800,000 people in assisted living communities. These communities are an excellent choice for people looking to receive personalized care that helps maintain a high quality of life. Focus on your growth and enjoyment while receiving quality care.

Committed Care

Everyone’s care needs evolve over time. We have flexible care options to suit your unique circumstances. Many people living in assisted living communities require help with activities of daily living, such as 

  • Bathing
  • Eating
  • Mobility
  • Using the washroom

The care teams at most assisted living communities are dedicated to compassionate, personalized care that suits you and helps keep you as independent as possible.

Happy woman receiving personalized care from an attendant at her assisted living community

Peace of Mind

Living alone can induce anxiety, especially for anyone with mobility concerns. Worries about falls and other emergencies can begin to pop up, and struggling with daily tasks like errands, taking medication correctly, and household chores add to feelings of fear or hopelessness. 

The presence of staff and other residents in an assisted living community is a remedy to those worries. Your private apartment may be equipped with an emergency alert system, and the care team is there to check in to ensure you’re doing well at all times.

Active Community

Involvement with a community of unique, interesting people is another benefit of assisted living. Your neighbors become part of your social circle, and activities and events planned keep you engaged. 

The mental health benefits of a bustling social life are well documented. Having socialization as part of your everyday life will likely have a positive effect on your overall health!  With activities dedicated to education, recreation, and fitness, there’s always a way to engage your mind, body, and emotional cognition. 

Working Towards Wellness

If you or a loved one are finding certain tasks of daily living have grown challenging, get in touch. We pride ourselves on addressing your unique needs and helping improve your quality of life. There’s a place in our community for you!

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